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A remarkable anti-aging treatment conceived to energize the skin with a dazzling radiance. This unique masterpiece adapts perfectly to the curves of the face like a “second skin” thanks to its ultra-formed texture. This intensive treatment provides maximum hydration and contributes to reinforcing the skin’s natural protective barrier. Dead Sea minerals, diamonds and collagen are brewed into the skin’s surface, helping to reduce the appearance of wrinkles with immediate and long-term benefits.
  • Intense recovery facial mask
Included are a  a total of 12 facial masks in this luxurious anti-aging facial treatment. This mask, a diamond masterpiece, adjusts perfectly to the curves of the face like a “second skin” thanks to its ultracentric texture. The mask contains carefully selected ingredients, each chosen for its unique benefits. Dead Sea minerals, diamonds and collagen assist in correcting the appearance of wrinkles. Signs of aging are visibly rectified, giving skin a brighter, healthier appearance than ever before.
  • Intense Recovery Eye Mask
Includes a total of 12 individually wrapped eye masks in this exclusive anti-aging eye treatment. Enriched with a unique blend of Dead Sea minerals, diamonds, vitamins and the ultimate ingredient, hyaluronic acid, for targeted anti-aging effectiveness. Designed specifically to help protect the delicate eye area, smoothing and brightening the look of the eye contour area so that eyes look instantly rejuvenated and radiant.