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The Premier mineral micellar (pronounce my-sell-er) water is an advanced product that uses molecules that attract to dirt and oil, so they are able to draw out impurities without drying out the skin.

When you wipe a cotton ball soaked with the this mineral micellar water along your face, the micelles adhere to the cotton while pulling makeup, sebum, and any other daily unpleasantness off the skin.

The formula is so light and gentle that there’s no need to rinse off, which means that the minerals and moisturizing ingredients can stay on the skin and get absorbed.

This an all-in-one micellar cleansing water is perfect for all skin types, especially sensitive, dry, and allergy-prone skin. Gently cleanses, removes makeup and impurities and refreshes face, eyes and lips in one simple step with no rinsing required.

Removes even the toughest pore clogging dirt and waterproof makeup, with zero irritation.

In short – It’s a highly effective, incredibly gentle ultimate dirt-removing cleanser.

  • 100% Allergen & fragrance free